[Dream Impact Tips] Get your bucket list done

[Dream Impact Tips] Get your bucket list done

Have you finished your bucket list in 2018? How about this year? What is on your bucket list or resolutions you have made this year? It might be difficult to keep to your resolutions especially when there are many changes throughout the year. Some small tips might help you to make your New Year’s resolutions be more successful.

1. Always make it positive
Negative thoughts will sweep your motivation away. Praise yourself and use positive speech to make you feel good.

2. Take small and actionable steps and make your way up over big changes
Big, long-term goals in mind can be difficult to achieve, try to break them up into small steps and tasks. You can get more confidence with each little milestone reached and you can also see that you are closer to your goal. Little things can have a great impact too!

3. Pick a starter goal
Try to stay focus in one or two goals so you will not get distracted by focusing on too many goals.  Ond short-term and one long-term will be good enough.

4. Create habits
Make it as your daily routines so you can keep going even your motivation is fading.

5. Make a deadline for every goals/ step
Push yourself a little bit so you will not have an excuse to have “tomorrow” syndrome. But be realistic.

Start your bucket list now!

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