ESG Training for Board of Directors

The purpose of our ESG training is to help you evaluate your company’s environmental impact and assess socially responsible investments. To compete and sustain, a company will have to be at least as responsible as its competitors. With insistent customers, restrictive environmental laws, depleting and costly resources, investors and stakeholders are looking for greater transparency into how a company is addressing environmental and social trends.

Every company will face competitors who embrace business responsibility not only because it is the right thing to do but it is essential to being successful in the future.

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Dream Impact provides ESG Training

The Program

Corporate sustainability is the process of building a legacy in business and society. People, planet, profit are the triple bottom line positioned at the top of board agendas especially at the most progressive companies.

In our ESG Training Program, we will cover:

ESG essentials: environmental and societal trends

ESG essentials: environmental and societal trends

  • International development
  • Country goals
  • Industry drivers and key players
Compliance Requirements by Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Compliance Requirements by Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • ESG agenda and what it means to the board
  • How the board can respond to changing expectations of stakeholders 
Assessing ESG threats and opportunities at the board level

Assessing ESG threats and opportunities at the board level

  • 2030 SDG Roadmap 
  • 2021-2022 Action Plan
  • Key global frameworks and taxonomy
  • The effective use of monitoring and reporting – from marketing to living the company values
ESG Training for Jacobson

We can help you:


Promote disclosure and measurement of meaningful ESG data

Assess capital and resources allocation needed to build resilience and competitive advantage

Build ESG fluency and competency of the board in meeting stakeholders’ changing expectations

Identify, manage and mitigate ESG risks

Recognize and seize ESG opportunities

Case Study: Jacobson Pharma

Challenges and Opportunities

  • The board is keen to transform their corporate strategy to incorporate positive ESG components
  • A need to stay up to date on the full picture of the latest ESG trends, jargons and development in the industry
  • A comprehensive strategy to engage their stakeholders and employees from the bottom up


  • Established a 3-year partnership with Dream Impact to conduct thorough ESG advisory and sustainability policy implementation plan
  • Formed an ESG committee and working group to lead the effort
  • Board of directors understand the urgency to prioritize social and environmental aspects and recognize people, planet, profit as fundamental pillars of their stewardship and responsibility
  • To provide a clear vision of ESG integration into long-term business strategy

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