New Power Rewirement – Rewirement Action Program

New Power Rewirement – Rewirement Action Program

一月 10, 2019 @ 7:00 下午 – 8:30 下午
Dr. Philip Hui
New Power Rewirement - Rewirement Action Program

ReWirement Action Program Introduction:

Target participants: those in the ReWirement ‘golden 20 years’, i.e. 10 years before and after one’s target retirement year
Program duration: 9 months, with one full-day workshop per month, plus other optional activities in-between workshops.
Expected outcomes:
at the end of the Program, participants will have attained the following –
· Acquired a new mindset – Growth Mindset
· Mastered a new skill – Lean Startup for creating new incomes
· Developed a new hobby – in arts, sports, or other pursuits
· Connected to at least 10 new friends – for mutual support
· Engaged in one social innovation project – creating tangible social impact
· Created at least one new source of income – more than pocket money

Program design: All workshops and events are experiential in nature. They are all highly participative, interactive, exciting and fun.

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