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Spectrum of Capital

In order to scale up social impact companies, we offer various types of fund matching & advisory services along the spectrum of capital as show below:

Impact Investment Spectrum

Depending on what type of risk/return profile that a company can offer to the funder/investor, there are different types of capital that are available in the market. We also differentiate “social enterprises” from “impact ventures,” and different capital support will be provided.

As a call to action from our investment report, we challenge investors and investment funds to pledge 1% of their assets under management (AUM) for impactful projects.


Our Capital Services and Programs

Investment Readiness icon

Investment Readiness 


Over a course of 3-months, with a small program fee, we help ventures look at their business strategy, financial projection, fundraising/product roadmap

Capital Matching icon

Capital Matching

(Ventures & investors)

Once achieved investment-readiness, over a course of 6-months, we help ventures set up a due diligence data room and make introductions to investors that fit the expectations of both sides.

Investment Education icon

Investment Education

(Investors & ventures)

A crash course on what is impact investing and how to get started. A landscape of various investment themes and structures that can benefit both investors and ventures.

Impact Ventures We’ve Supported 

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Our investment partners

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DI Asia Sustainable Venture Investing Report 2021 cover page

Download our 2021 impact investment report

Dream Impact’s inaugural Asia Sustainable Venture Investing Report found that the recent global pandemic accelerated investors’ interest in sustainable and impactful startups especially with a technology focus. Download this research report to draw insights from survey and interviews with investors and ventures.

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