From a space for social impact on the first year, to a closely-knitted community on the second year, we are now committing to grow the social impact ecosystem in Hong Kong. We see that this is a role we must play, to continue to reach out to different stakeholder groups that play an equally important role in the society to be a part of this ecosystem. Moreover, we will be creating an impact ecosystem map starting from 2021 to better understand each other’s’ strengths, and continue to make meaningful connections to widen and deepen our impact.

Impact Ecosystem



Corporate Partnership Partners

Impact Investment Partners

Regional Startup Incubators

DI Impact Eco-system - Taste Bud

Academia Partner

Impact Community Partner

Dream Impact 2021 Year in Review


Commit to Dream Impact team’s well-being

Dream Impact organises 2 retreats per year for our team to connect with nature and create impact from within

Initiate projects to foster interconnectivity

We collaborate with cross-sectors and communities to create greater impact

Host events that nurture interconnectivity

Mindfulness workshops, 2nd hand clothes swaps, plastics waste training and more

Form a stronger and tighter partner network

We will be revising our partners’ selection criteria to ensure interconnectiveness

Bring in and bridge impact investment projects

We will revise our due diligence process for potential investees and social startups

Want to be part of the impact ecosystem that we’re building?