Let’s retrospect the past year

Let’s retrospect the past year

Time flies – Dream Impact is now ONE YEAR OLD! Our Grand Opening was on 9th Nov, 2017. We cannot be this success without you stepping into Dream Impact with an enthusiastic heart in society.  Let’s take a glimpse of some highlights over the past 365 days!

Together with Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, we organized two blood donation events this January and August, and were supported by over 200 individuals joining our “Life Saving Team”!

Want to free your mind and muscles during lunch hour on workdays? With different “Mindfulness and Wellness” professionals, Dream Impact designed a series of Lunch Hour Programs to help the Lai Chi Kok working community eat clean and relax well!

Dream Impact strives to bridge our partners and other corporates to synergize greater impacts. Earlier this year, we partnered with EchoAsia, Konica Minolta and HKBN for the “Corporate Social Partnership” symposium. We aimed to offer more insights to both corporate and social entrepreneurial communities!

Dream Impact believes in education and empowerment when it comes to growing the local social innovation scene. In our “Experience Social Innovation” programs, we collaborate with secondary and tertiary schools, bringing local and international students on a tour around our co-working space, let them talk to our partners, and have them ideate in a hands-on workshop.

On the scorching hot August days, what’s better than bringing all partners together to “chill out” and have fun in the wheelchair game!

This September, we held Asia’s first zero-waste Startup Weekend in our space. In 54 hours of time, all teams literally worked from dawn to dust on the topics of circular economy and sustainability. The champion team just became our Resident Partner and is getting their idea from the ground!

Creativity is…? Dream Impact was transformed into a movie theatre and wheelchair experiential space while our participants were looking into themselves for the source of creativity.

We had a GIANT BALL-PIT in our one year celebration party? That’s right, our Dream Team believes everything, and anything is POSSIBLE!

What will you expect from us in the next year? More Wow Events? Supportive workshop? Comment and let us know.

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