[Meet our partners] MicroForests

[Meet our partners] MicroForests

Earlier, MicroForests held an exhibition and graduation ceremony in order to celebrate 15 mom designers’ graduation. It was glad to see their hard work after 4 months of training.


MicroForests, one of our partners, is a social enterprise that provides training for women who are single parents, new arrivals to Hong Kong and from low-income families to become designers. They design miniature forest in glass containers which is one of MicroForests products. Miniature forest brings some greenery to the busy lives of Hong Kong citizens. You do not need to water and take good care like other plants as designers already help to balance all the humidity, moss, and activated carbon.


Besides, MicroForests provides gardening workshops for various organizations and corporations. These well-trained women will be empowered and teach in these workshops. These are dignified job opportunities which also build up their self-esteem.


If you would like to know more and /support what MicroForests are doing, check them out: https://www.microforests.com/

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