[Partners say] Co-founder of Inclusive Impact, Thomas

[Partners say] Co-founder of Inclusive Impact, Thomas

“Dream Impact is just like one big family. Today, someone from the community made everyone some Chinese soup. It truly warms the heart.” Thomas, Co-founder of Inclusive Impact.

Inclusive Impact, a newly launched social enterprise chose Dream Impact as their home base. As an experiential training company, it leverages Design Thinking, Growth Mindset and changes management frameworks to empower corporate staff to apply innovation and empathy to their work. Thomas himself has already worked in this co-working space for more than a year.

‘“Wow, this is a huge space!” It was my first thought on Dream Impact a year ago. There must be a lot we can do.”

It is quite true. Dream Impact, originally, was just a sizable warehouse one and a half years ago. But, we really want to develop more than just a warehouse so we started to build up this community with synergy. We did a lot, and have much more to progress. What can you imagine?

After Inclusive Impact came, they showed us how flexible our rooms can be. Synergy room is always their first choice as the experimental workshop venue. They can play soft-volleyball games with wheelchairs and also set up as a workshop with tables and chairs. It fits what Inclusive Impact needs.

Though still a student in university, Thomas has already co-founded a social enterprise. He wants to help teams from different companies to understand the power of using Design Thinking in management. It is not easy to start a social enterprise. You must have a caring heart for society.

“I used to work meaninglessly, but I don’t want to do that anymore. So, I joined the social enterprise sector, hoping that through exposure to others’ meaningful work, it can add value and purpose to my own work.”

He would also love to see more of his peers do something meaningful, no matter if it’s a volunteering project or finding a meaningful job. More importantly, you should share your ideas with friends who have the same passion. Do not be afraid of copycats, you will have better ideas and a clearer direction if you work together.

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