[Partners say] Founder of La Violet Education – Kit Wong

[Partners say] Founder of La Violet Education – Kit Wong

“Stepping into the future without looking back, together, we co-create dreams without fear” (“向著遠方踏進去  走過的不回望  夢與想不惜一切去共創” ) lyrics of – 夢飛行 was written by a famous lyricist, Mr. Kit Wong. He, used to be a famous lyricist and former vice president of the US-funded bank, founded two social enterprises, and helped teens to chase their dreams.


Now, he is the founder of La Violet Education and Under Production. He and his team have become Dream Impact’s partners from the very beginning. La Violet Education designs innovative activities like school engineering design thinking workshop, financial planning workshop and so on for secondary schools and institutions while Under Production provides a creative platform for young creators to demonstrate their skills.


“Dream Impact looks like a rainbow, created and bonded by different people from different places and positions together.”  


“In my first sight, I thought we are quite similar as both of us are talking about dreams and startups.” Kit said. Of course, later, he found that we are not quite the same. This is how we can build a rainbow together. 


“We have a lot of opportunities to gather together, and we are happy to see many different people coming to Dream Impact.” La Violet Education and Under Production are not large institutions, they need resources. Dreams Impact is playing an important role, a platform that provides resources such as venue, networks, etc. When we host large events, we can get the community involved and participated.


Kit and his team have been in Dream Impact for around 1.5 years now. “The first year is going from 0 to 1. But going from 1 to 2, it is time for advancement.” We took that experience and lessons learned to amend inadequacies. Of course, as a social enterprise, we have to tackle a lot of problems in dealing with people. We have to make corresponding changes in response to their needs. Sometimes making decisions on the go is more adaptive to the fast-changing environment than a long term detailed plan.


As an entrepreneur, Kit says “if you want to do, just do it. Don’t think too much.” He also wants to let the youth know that the only way to know one’s direction and the journey is to give it a try.

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