Over the years, Dream Impact have seen collaboration opportunities missed due to agenda and resources mismatch. With creating and growing social impact being a core part of what we do, we proudly present The 8 Impact Themes to help companies identify market opportunities for social needs to plan their social innovation initiatives early on.


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Every year, we would dedicate one whole month for each of the 8 Impact Themes. Our primary goal is to foster as many cross-sector collaborations as possible. Whether you’re just starting to plan your social innovation initiatives, or already have a solid plan in mind, we would be happy to help you further amplify your impact.

February- Adaptive Arts & Heritage

February: Adaptive Arts & Heritage

Reactivate human awareness of beings and creativity by uniting across time and culture

March: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

March: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Increase empathy and job opportunities for differently abled

April- Circular Economy (1)

April: Circular Economy

Push for collective effort in public awareness and education with now scattered circular economy projects and brands

May- Holistic Health & Wellbeing (1)

May: Holistic Health & Wellbeing

Remind social innovators to be actively moving and taking care of their own social & mental health

June- Human-Centric Education (1)

June: Human-Centric Education

Create a entry point for future generation to join social innovation movement; Bridging NGOs and schools to advance their human-centric education

July- Affordable & Sustainable Housing (1)

July: Affordable & Sustainable Housing

Utilise alternative materials and systems to enable more sustainable buildings; Empower social service providers; Bridge corporate and investors to community services

August- Active Aging (1)

August: Active Aging

Improve quality of life; increase social participation; increase intergeneration interactions

September- Regenerative Food & Agriculture (1)

September: Regenerative Food & Agriculture

Change behaviour from family/corporate food waste to growing our own food and restore soil health