Strategic and Service Partners

We partner with companies that enable our community to strategically scale up and deepen impact and also provide professional support services.

Strategic Partners

Our partners will have access to ECOLABS’ office/lab space and technological support as well as market access and opportunities to exchange with social / environmental startups from Singapore.

We are partnering with GlobeScan to deliver high quality global and local market research on social and environmental issues. GlobeScan will also provide training and advise on how to conduct market research for Dream Impact partners.

We are partnering with Good Impact Assessment Institute to help match partners that have a clear theory-of-change to conduct impact assessment with the help of professional researchers from Chinese University of Hong Kong.

We are partnering with OurConservatory to connect with impact investors to help our investment-ready partners with due diligence and deal structuring.

We are partnering with SE Meetup to bridge with the wider network of social innovation experts and professionals to share news and resources as well as to co-create a series of inspiring events.

We are partnering with Shared Value Project to connect with socially-minded corporates and explore partnerships with our Resident and Non-Resident Partners.

We are partnering with The Social Investment Consultancy to provide SDG training for Dream Impact partners as well as assessing their investment readiness.

Service Partners